Not going back for Christmas.

Of all the weeks, all the bad things happen around Christmas!

I’ve just recently broken things off with a potential fling (I didn’t do it, he did), after I already bought his Christmas presents! & we still work together. & on top of that, my car messed up today! Which puts a damper in plans to go see my family anytime soon!

Aside from that, now that I’m taking a break from my Master’s I decided I should find some other hobbies or things to keep me busy. This is my first blog in years, so I’m excited to see what I’ll use it for. I want to get more into web design or learn some more about software programming and coding. I was hoping I could get a blog that I would be able to modify the design of on my own, but I can’t seem to find that anymore. I will probably start looking for volunteer opportunities soon when everything gets back to normal, and get back to the gym!



I made these the other day, rather successfully and I got more stuff today to make them to take to work! This recipe was taken from Pinterest. The chocolate used has a 5% off coupon in the Cartwheel app for Target too, so that was awesome. I will post the link I found the recipe at down below. I used Christmas colored sprinkles instead though!

shadesI’ve also been looking around for some Austrian shades for my bedroom like this. I think these are so gorgeous but they’re incredibility hard to find around here. I may be out of luck. Seems like this will efficiently keep my mind off things so far. We’ll try it again later!


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