So it’s almost New Year! I don’t have any plans but I’ll probably get some wine from the liquor store and relax. That sounds good, and a very much needed way to start the new year.

Another change I’ve made recently: I have noticed for quite a while that my mood swings may have a pattern to them. I thought it would be a good idea to log the behavior. I downloaded the Beck Depression Inventory, so I can take it periodically and log the results for any increase or decrease in the score. I took it last night and got a 25 – moderate depression. I will probably take it again next week. I’ve also started logging severe episodes and the date, and days or times when I felt happy with the date. Seems like it would be progressive.

I got the 6 plus in gold yesterday! I am loving it so much! I just need a case to put on it so I can try and not crack the screen.

As for a New Years resolution I don’t exactly have one. I never do it anyway, I guess I could make it that I’ll log those things in my notes. That seems like something that’s achievable, right?


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