So it’s almost New Year! I don’t have any plans but I’ll probably get some wine from the liquor store and relax. That sounds good, and a very much needed way to start the new year.

Another change I’ve made recently: I have noticed for quite a while that my mood swings may have a pattern to them. I thought it would be a good idea to log the behavior. I downloaded the Beck Depression Inventory, so I can take it periodically and log the results for any increase or decrease in the score. I took it last night and got a 25 – moderate depression. I will probably take it again next week. I’ve also started logging severe episodes and the date, and days or times when I felt happy with the date. Seems like it would be progressive.

I got the 6 plus in gold yesterday! I am loving it so much! I just need a case to put on it so I can try and not crack the screen.

As for a New Years resolution I don’t exactly have one. I never do it anyway, I guess I could make it that I’ll log those things in my notes. That seems like something that’s achievable, right?

Christmas Eve!

I hope everybody is having a good Christmas Eve with their families and friends! I’m just happy my Dad was able to come in and see me, we got to spend the day together today && tomorrow too. I don’t get to see him very often or the rest of my family, so it’s just a few times a year. Things are crazy these days but we’ll get through it, like always. This time of year, you start to miss the people that aren’t in your life anymore, by choice or otherwise. Hopefully everyone is enjoying themselves. I could really use some alcohol though, how do you get through the holiday’s without it??

I’ve been doing some last minute Christmas shopping and grocery shopping today, made the desserts and stuffing tonight so I can just make the glaze for the ham and bake that and all the other easy stuff tomorrow morning! I’ve just got some good movies to watch, I might start with The Polar Express. Back to work on Friday!

Not going back for Christmas.

Of all the weeks, all the bad things happen around Christmas!

I’ve just recently broken things off with a potential fling (I didn’t do it, he did), after I already bought his Christmas presents! & we still work together. & on top of that, my car messed up today! Which puts a damper in plans to go see my family anytime soon!

Aside from that, now that I’m taking a break from my Master’s I decided I should find some other hobbies or things to keep me busy. This is my first blog in years, so I’m excited to see what I’ll use it for. I want to get more into web design or learn some more about software programming and coding. I was hoping I could get a blog that I would be able to modify the design of on my own, but I can’t seem to find that anymore. I will probably start looking for volunteer opportunities soon when everything gets back to normal, and get back to the gym!



I made these the other day, rather successfully and I got more stuff today to make them to take to work! This recipe was taken from Pinterest. The chocolate used has a 5% off coupon in the Cartwheel app for Target too, so that was awesome. I will post the link I found the recipe at down below. I used Christmas colored sprinkles instead though!

shadesI’ve also been looking around for some Austrian shades for my bedroom like this. I think these are so gorgeous but they’re incredibility hard to find around here. I may be out of luck. Seems like this will efficiently keep my mind off things so far. We’ll try it again later!